A warrior cats RPG. Join fellow warriors! You can RPG as a rouge, clanner, loner or kittypet.The name of the RPG is the name of the she-cat who made it... Willow.

    Joining Bio/Rules/Examples/Ranks/Clans/Info


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    Joining Bio/Rules/Examples/Ranks/Clans/Info

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    "Hello! I'm Willow. I'm all the way from StarClan to help you join a clan! What are you waiting for? Come! What clan shall you join?" Hi. Welcome to my RPG! If you want to join... Good! I have many ranks and clans open and welcoming new arrivals. Here is what you need in your Bio.

    (Your Cat)

    (Optional) Clan:
    (Optional) Parents & Kin:
    (Optional) Back Story:
    *(Can be picture/drawing) Looks:
    (Optional) Mate & Kits:                    
    (The ones with * are necessary)
    This RPG does not allow murder. In battles against clans or rouges, killing is allowed. But no murder like killing your family/mentor/clan members.
    Please be respectful to others! No adulty-ness! No trolling! No dating or asking for personal info! No giving personal info! No Extreme mates! (You know what I mean.)
    This RPG is for ages 11 and up! If you are caught breaking a rule, you will be banned/kicked/EXILED! Here are the clans/packs: ThunderClan: The brave and strong.
    ShadowClan: The Sly and fierce. WindClan: The Swift and Wise. RiverClan: The Calm and Peaceful. BloodClan: The Dangerous and Quick to lash. (No murder even if your in BloodClan!)
    StarClan: The good cats of the dead. (You can only join if your dead.) DarkForest: The bad cats of the dead. (You can only join if your dead.)

    Kittypets/Loners/Rouges are the cats that are not in clans. Rouges are cats that were born from pure blood warriors that left their clans or were born out of clans. Loners are cats that have kittypet blood and they leave their two-legs to live in the wild. Most loners don't join clans. Kittypets are cats that have kittypet blood (Or warrior) and live with two-legs.

    If you join a clan, your name must have both a prefix and a suffix (Example: DappleTail.) If you join bloodclan, your name must only have one word or a space between the prefix and suffix. (Example. One word: Scourge. Example. Space: Badger Bite.) Kittypets will have kittypetish names. (Example: Leo. Example: Princess. Example: Rusty.) Rouges have names with one word or they can have clan names or a space between prefix and suffix. Loners can keep their kittypet names or they can have a oneword/space/clan name.

    Ranks: Warrior-Med-Deputy-Leader-Rouge-Kit-Apprentice-Elder-Queen-Kittypet-Loner-Dead

    Warriors are cats that fight, hunt, and patrol. Meds are cats that heal, collect herbs, and get messages from StarClan, prophecies and such. Leaders are leaders of clans/packs. They appoint a deputy to help them control the clan and keep the clan from being unorganized. Deputies are cats that help leaders. Their second in command. Kits are like kids, they are playful! They are the sons and daughters of warriors/queens/leaders/deputies/kittypets or loners. Sometimes the kits parents are killed and sometimes their parents abandon them. They can either join a clan or be rouge or even be kittypets/loners. Meds can not have kits. Sometimes in BloodClan its allowed but in proper clans, its not. Apprentices are the warriors/meds in training. Elders are old cats. Queens are she-cats that watch/care for the kits. About Rouges/Loners/Kittypets are above. ↑↑↑↑

    If you read this all, say: Like a Star @ heaven

    THANK YOU! ~ Willow/J.
    Reply with your Bio in comments!

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